Innovation & Pathfinder Projects

As the central instrument of Climate-KIC, the Innovation and Pathfinder Projects Programme allows for the initiation of projects and efforts inspired by the goals of Climate-KIC. Main project themes of the programme, so-called Challenge Platforms, include: 

  • Bio-Economy (BIOE)
  • Industrial Symbiosis (IS)
  • Land and Water Management and Engineering for Adaptation (LWEA)
  • Transforming the Built Environment (TBE)
  • Sustainable City Systems (SCS)
  • Making Transitions Happen (MTH)
  • Adaptation Services (AS)
  • Greenhouse Gas Monitoring (GHG)

You can find out more about the current Climate-KIC Projects here.



New projects are constantly being developed, and the knowledge and resources from existing projects transfer over to and form the basis of newly initiated projects. 

Innovation Projects forge new collaborations and lay the ground for new value chains. They are evaluated on:

  • Existing strengths of the applicant
  • Accordance with the fundamental I&P goals
  • Potential for immediate results
  • Accordance with the goals of Climate-KIC.

Pathfinder Projects deal with the conditions required for a low-carbon society. The projects use feasibility studies, market analysis, and other scoping studies to tear down obstacles and forge the way for systematic innovation. Furthermore, Pathfinder Projects show how subsequent projects can support climate change mitigation. In their development, they also estimate the market potential of innovations, leading to subsequent innovation projects. 

Contact: Dr. Christian Henschke, see the contact list.